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Arkipelindo Header Logo
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Welcome to Arkipelindo Food & Beverages Trading LLC

Arkipelindo Food & Beverages Trading LLC was established in a fast developing city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
It develops local food products with high premium quality and registered trademarks.


Our Vision

To be recognized as a pioneer and leading food and beverage supplier in the region for high quality, value for money products while maintaining unique, excellent services to our customers.  

Our Mission

To continuously supply, develop, produce and market a range of nutritious and highly skilled products as demanded by the market. To adopt safe and environmentally friendly working practices throughout our business. To engage, develop and inspire our employees to excel. 

Our Values

Creativity, innovation, and high quality in a progressive work environment. Performance and success in various competitive fields. Honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. Continuos improvment in all areas.

Our Strategy

Arkipelindo Food & Beverages Trading LLC is committed to leveraging its resources to aggressively gain market share in the coming years. Our main goal is to always ensure consumer satisfaction by providing high quality, healthy products, and giving our customers real value for their money.